Tuesday, January 26, 2010

So, I'm a Bad Person...

Remember that pledge I made back at the beginning of the month to write more?  Yeah, about that...it's harder to blog regularly than I thought.

I think the reason is what exactly it is that I'm doing in Chicago - namely, going to school.  And unfortunately, the way school works (at least in this country) involves a need to get lots of work done.  This is not necessarily tied to a 9-5 work schedule like much employment in this country, which means any and all hours of the day are fair game for work-time.  And, it being the University of Chicago and a one-year master's program, all hours of the day are not only fair game for work-time but practically required for work-time.  That's not to say that I'm working 24/7, but during those hours I do have free, I often do things to relax, like spend time with my significant other, play games, and sleep.  "Not blog?" you ask.  No, honestly, because I don't want to write slop, and at the end of far too many days I'm often wrung dry as far as creativity and wit go.

The stop-gap solution I have devised is to take advantage of those rare occasions when I am both inspired to write and in possession of free time to write multiple blog posts.  You will have noticed, however, that none of the posts on this blog are dated from the same day.  I have a secret to share: it's a lie.  Some of these posts were written well after the fact, but I back-dated them (one of my favorite Blogger features).  How do I know when to back-date to?  Well, since many (but not all) of my posts are accompanied by a picture, all I need to do is figure out when the picture was taken (it's in there under "Properties") and then back-date to a few hours after I took the picture.  This works because when I take pictures with my phone, for example, it's almost inevitably because I want to blog about them.  But when my time (or my wit) dries up, the pictures just sit in my phone or on my computer (if I've managed to transfer them that far, which I often don't).  So take note - as I'm writing, the post below this one is from January 4th (more than three weeks ago - shameful, I know).  That may change.

Am I anticipating one of those rare confluences of the time and wit necessary to blog (not really a verb) in the near future?  Well, yes and no.  At the moment everything in my life is attendant upon the government service exam I'm taking tomorrow morning - nothing else matters and nothing else is planned.  However, once I make it through tomorrow (which will be an exhausting day, I'm sure of it), I have a few days off - that is, no classes.  That's not to suggest that I won't be doing work; I will.  However, the Museum of Science and Industry has free admission on weekdays during January, and I haven't visited yet.  Barring a sudden crush of work, I might take myself on an outing Friday afternoon as a reward for having made it through a difficult week and what is generally an unpleasant month.  And I promise to write about it.

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