What I Read

BBC News - World Edition
CNN isn't covering the elections in the Ukraine?  It may not be a blog, but the network that gave us Monty Python, Doctor Who, and QI is also quite possibly the greatest news provider in the English-speaking world.  Britain's empire may have faded, but their news service is second to none.

Cake Wrecks
Question: What happens when professionally decorated cakes go horribly wrong?  
Answer: Utter hilarity, interspersed with puns, naughty jokes, and irreverent commentary delivered by a husband and wife team with a wicked sense of humor.

Electoral Vote
Isn't it time to stop reading the partisan blogs that spoon-feed you your political views, no mental action required?  Electoral-vote.com gives you data and non-partisan analysis - decide for yourself if you agree.  Succinct and informative, this is the perfect place for the wonk - or for the causal reader who wants facts, not rants.

In the exclusive and discerning world of the gay man, one division must be drawn: between the simply outrageous and the relatively normal.  Those of us who aren't a blob of glitter on the nose of life's complexion read Homoshame.  Those of us who are...well, we've got photos.

Life in a Cramped Kitchen
Who says you can't cook like a pro in a minuscule kitchen?  Organic and gourmet meet simplicity and style in some of the easiest - and best - cooking you'll find.  With clear recipes and beautiful photos, LICK will probably make you want to, well, lick your screen.

Veer Bhogya Vasundhara
If you can't afford a New York Times bestseller but want nothing more than some interesting reading material now and then, Veer Bhogya Vasundhara is for you.  Follow the adventures of an intrepid Watson Fellow as she voyages from Kuala Lumpur to the eastern rim of Africa, searching for identity in the people and the stories of the Indian diaspora.  Lyrically written with fresh and accessible prose, this blog will let you spend a few glorious minutes in another world.  And when the critically-acclaimed book comes out, remember: you heard it here first!

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