Monday, February 15, 2010

New Features

Observers with keen eyes will have noticed by now that a few news features have come to Tales From Second City.  That's what happens when you poke around through other people's blogs - you get all sorts of neat ideas.  So here are a few neat new features for your - and my - amusement and convenience:
- A blogroll, down at the bottom of the right column.  Here I've listed some of the things I read on a regular or semi-regular basis.  Quite the varied bunch, I readily admit!  Keep watching that space - I'll probably add some more to it in the future.
- New navigation links under the title banner.  "Home" will take you back to the blog's front page, and "Links" will take you to a page which summarizes the blogroll, plus a little blurb I've written about each of the links.  "About" is currently a dead link, but I will eventually write something about me and about this blog to put there.
 - Copyright, way down at the bottom.  After seeing a former roommate's blog with this Creative Commons widget on it, I thought it made sense to add it on, just to have all my bases covered.  If you blog and think you may want to exercise some control over your work, consider using a Creative Commons license.  Just click on the image or the text and you'll be taken to the site from whence it came, complete with an explanation.
 That's all that's new for right now, but if you have suggestions, requests, or other input, just leave a comment!

NOTE (17 Feb, 12:40pm): I've lightened up the background color from jet black to a dark gray in hopes that it won't be quite so hard on the eyes.  I'd appreciate knowing if you think it's an improvement or not.  I'm going to try it this way for a couple of days before I make a final decision.  Let me know your thoughts!

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