Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cats Who Know

I know this isn't exactly related to Chicago, but I had to post this because it was too cute to pass up - and also somewhat thought-provoking.

Let me give you a little background.  I went home to attend a function at my alma mater (the opening of a grand new campus center), my first visit since I moved to Chicago at the end of August.  On my last day I packed my things and took my suitcase down into the side hall, near the side door, where I intended to load it in the car so I could commence my journey back to Chicago.  Then I went back upstairs to get my messenger bag (with my computer and various other things in it).  When I came back downstairs to my suitcase, I saw this, on the right.

Now, I know the cat (William) missed me, because when I arrived a few days earlier, he was quite affectionate.  Now, the top of my suitcase is not simply a place you fall into - you've got to want to get up there, because it entails jumping up to a location you can't see from ground level.  And yet Will decided to jump up onto my suitcase.  Why?  Could it be because he didn't want me to leave?  (In any case, here's a picture with better light.)  Now, I know that psychologists insist that animals don't have emotions, are incapable of higher level thinking, don't have souls, etc.  But I can't help but wonder if Will is smarter than the scientists like to think.  Why else would he bother to get on top of my suitcase?
Debates aside, those of you who are animal lovers will be pleased to know that I plan to return in less than a month to celebrate Thanksgiving.

And so Will's sister Lucy doesn't feel shortchanged, here's a picture of her in full sprawl on the front hall floor.  Cute, no?

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